Introducing The New Seiko Tuna 1986 Quartz Diver’s 35th Anniversary Limited Edition

Jun 4, 2021 | By Steven Peers

In 1986, Seiko launched a diver’s watch that set a new standard. It combined Seiko’s legendary 1975 design with a 1,000 meter water resistance for saturation diving with a quartz movement that delivered an accuracy that no mechanical diver’s watch could match. At the time, and still today, it was recognized as one of Seiko’s most important diver’s watches. Today, 35 years on, this classic Seiko Diver’s watch is re-born with new design features and upgraded professional diver’s watch specifications. This is a watch that truly lives up to the promise of the Prospex name.

Saturation Diving to 1000M

It has the 1000m water resistance and helium resistance that saturation diving requires. The dial colour has a gradation from blue to black to dramatize the way that light gradually fades as one dives deeper into the dark, mysterious world of the ocean.

Titanium Case & Ceramic Outer Case Protector

It incorporates the unique one-piece titanium case with its outer protector structure that makes its shock resistance so exceptional. The crown is marked with a vivid yellow ‘Lock’ sign and an arrow to indicate the rotating direction. The winding stem is also in yellow so that the wearer can immediately notice if the crown is unlocked.

The Case back

The case back features a one piece construction, and features the limited edition serial number. It also includes the famous Seiko wave which was introduced in 1961 on the J12082 their first divers watch. There has been much debate if Seiko got the inspiration for the wave from the print ” The Great Wave Off Kangawa” by Hokusai in around 1831.

The Calibre

The movement is a 7c46 which delivers a significant amount of torque to enable wide and legible handset, which shine bright in the murky depths thanks to the Lumbrite coating.

There are just 1,200 pieces of this limited edition design available globally, commemorating the 35th anniversary of Seiko’s first 1,000m water resistant Saturation diver’s watch.

Prospex is a combination of the words ‘Professional’ and ‘Specifications.’ Seiko Prospex timepieces are designed to be practical, reliable and durable; to meet the high standards required in extreme environments for sports lovers and adventure seekers alike.

This watch has been created to acknowledge the harsh environments faced by Saturation divers – with higher legibility, even in deep waters as light and dark contrasts add clarity against its blue and black gradient dial inspired by the diver’s view of the depths.

Its watch shape is affectionately nicknamed by Seiko fans as a ‘Tuna’ – because of its larger diameter and bold shape like a tuna tin – loved for decades since its release.

Comes with additional silicone bracelet and limited edition box.

Pre-order now for delivery in July. UK Retail is £2,440.00



  1. Rob

    Wow that looks really nice 😍
    Absolutely love Seiko tunas, and this one is no exception

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