Compairing The 40mm Rolex Hulk 116610 LV With The New Rolex 41mm Black Sub 126610

Feb 16, 2021 | By Adam Hillier

so I decided to a look for the subtle differences between my 40mm Rolex Hulk 116610 and 41mm Black Sub 126610 let’s be honest there’s never going to be a lot of differences its always going to be small

that being said the upgraded movent is certainly welcomed with the new calibre ref 3235 -2+2 sec/day, after casing and a massive 70-hour power reserve


  1. Tom K

    Hulk for me over everything – Always have been huge fan of the green dial over the black, but the new 41mm case on the 126610 wears very nicely

  2. Dean Nash

    I’ve yet to try the new 41mm case size on the submariner. I Currently own the hulk and it’s a joy to wear but I would love the no-date version in the new 41mm size with the upgraded 70hr movement.


    Hulk = Dream watch….”One day it will be mine, oh yes….it will be mine”. Will have to make do with my £50 “Wulex” for now….

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