Stephen Mansfield from Snglrty Watch

Dec 28, 2020 | By admin

In our first Q&A session, I enjoyed talking with Stephen Mansfield from SNGLRTY watches who see time in a very different way. 

Daniel and Steve had been struggling to come up with ideas for a watch for a while. It was too simple to ‘seek inspiration’ from classic watches; they had set their sights much higher. Their watch had to be different.

It was not just a watch, and they were on a path striving to realize their dream – a new life, a new business and perhaps a little legacy in the watch industry. The epiphany moment was in a nondescript bar in Hong Kong, but the story really started a few years prior.

“What if we put a reverse gear into the watch like in a car?” Next, a beer mat was being pressed into service as a doodle pad.

In that simple, random tangential thought lay the solution for the pioneering challenge Daniel & Steve had set themselves. If the minutes moved backwards (counterclockwise) and the hours forwards (clockwise), then time would always be converging at a single point.

Daniel initially struggled to follow Steve’s scrawls on the beer mat. “It is a bit like a digital display on an analogue timepiece – but rotating in its location” was the best explanation Steve could manage at that moment. Before either was really aware, the bold and original solution to their quest was scrawled on a beer mat – or was it?

Everything had seemed so simple and clear the previous evening, but in the cold light of day, it was time for Daniel and Steve to confirm their gut reaction. Had they created a simple and visionary watch concept?


  1. Jordan dashti

    Great viewing.

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